Parabens and silicones

Hello Beauty!
Today I am going to write about a subject that you have asked me several times parabens and silicones . A subject that we have all heard about, but resists us to clearly understand what they are.

What are the parabens and silicones?

Parabens are a type of chemical compound commonly used in cosmetics that act effectively as preservatives in many types of chemical formulas. These compounds and their salts are used mainly for their bactericidal and fungicidal properties. We can find them in shampoos, moisturizers, shaving gels, self-tanners, toothpastes, lubricants ...
They can also produce alterations in the hair as they can be dryness, excess fat, itching ...
Silicones are the components that help to untangle hair, They bring softness and shine, they hide imperfections ... they usually give the feeling that we have clean hair but in reality it is not like that since they do it is to cover the hair and make it look healthy even if it is not like that. That is to say today well but in the long run you will have your hair destroyed and that even the masks do not have effects that can also produce allergic reactions on the skin.

How to identify parabens?

Are all those that end in - paraben, contain the acronyms methyl, ethyl, propyl and butyl or with the numbers E214, E215, E216, E217, E218 and E219.

How to identify silicones?

They end in oxane -conol -cono and the soluble ones have the prefix PEG.
The insoluble silicones are usually:
-Silanetriol lysinate
-Cy clohexasiloxane
-Cetearyl methicone
-Cetyl Dimethicone
- Dimethiconol
-Stearyl Dimethicone
-Cloride of Cetrimonium
And the soluble ones:
-Behenoxy Dimethicone
You can see the entry I made of a shampoo without parabens and silicones Timotei .

As you will see almost all the cosmetics that we usually use, although luckily, every day they take out more cosmetics without parabens and silicones.

Did you know the parabens and silicones ?