Low cost finished products

Good morning Beauty !
Today in the blog I bring you another entry of low cost finished products As I always feel, guys, they are all from feminine cosmetics , and although I have had a hard time finishing them, even years, they are finally here.
finished products female cosmetics
The first of the finished products is the Biokera Shampoo that came in the box February Premium Samples this shampooupply hydrates, prevents the fall fat and dandruff.
My opinion: elpelo is super hydrated but SOS has I'm a problem, I get a lot of dandruff with this shampoo so I discard it. Because in the end, as they say, the remedy is worse than the disease.
Would you recommend it? Only to people who do not suffer from dandruff problems. div>
Note: 5/10
The second products I will show you in Winning lottery en a Thalasso brand slimming cream .
My opinion : it has not worked for me to lose weight, although it has worked very well for me. cellulite.
Would you recommend it? If you want to lose weight, no, but if it is for the cellulite, it is not that I have much accumulated fat, maybe a person who has a lot if they lose weight.
Note: 8/10
shampoo biokera and cream slimming thalaso
Colonia zig zag: This colony is years old, I already had a little demand and it was impossible to finish it. When I say years are not 1 or two, it was that I was at least 6 or 7 years old, if I was very small when they gave it to me in a birthday.
My opinion: a very strong smell but it lasts a short time.
Would you repeat? No
Note: 6/10
Colonia de yodeyma: this was given a little ago is the aqua, if you are not yodeima users for the new lasvuelven to give. Also, I do not know why a little while ago I got another 5 boats, without having done anything. But hey, thank you very much, I suppose.
My opinion: It smells wonderful and if it comes out free it seems to smell better.
Would you repeat?
b> Yes
Note: 8/10
perfume yodeyma and zig zag

Hand cream brand Cosmeticuse

My opinion: is the cream of hands that I liked most of all I've tried is very dense and moisturizing. The brand says it's a fig, although I really do not notice anything, but I like it a lot.
Would I repeat?Do you have any of these feminine cosmetic products ?